Acid Wash

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Maintaining your pool's appearance can be difficult with tough deposits of grime or stubborn stains on the sides of your pool. That's when professional swimming pool acid wash can assist in keeping your pool looking good as new and save you on costs for replastering repairs. With the right tools and the expertise our staff has, we have the resources and experience for acid washing your pool to a superior appearance.

Clear Water Pool Service's pool cleaning services are top-notch because we believe you deserve the best out there. We help you in removing all the stains and deposits from the ground and sides of your in-ground pool that simple scrubbing cannot do. Acid washing also helps removes stains with algae build-up. Algae can be problematic as pores can burrow deep inside plaster that is porous, but acid washing helps completely remove. Our services can also help you with professional pool algae treatment to keep your pool clean regularly.

For excellent pool & spa maintenance services in Santa Clarita, CA, contact Clear Water Pool Service today!